Vintage License Plate Topper

Whether you want to show off your love for your favorite car or simply add a touch of nostalgia to your vehicle, these vintage license plate topper are sure to be a hit. They are made from a cast alloy metal and painted to bring out the details. These are universal license plate toppers that can be mounted above or below your DOT plate. They also feature a slotted mounting hole for height adjustment. Please check your state laws before purchasing to ensure you are in compliance with their specifications for specialty plates.

Some states allow fleet vehicles to purchase specialty plates that are customized for their organization, such as the United Parcel Service’s UP-TOWN logo. Others provide commemorative plates as a regular issue.

Plate Topper is a circular plastic dish cover that turns any plate into an airtight food container, eliminating the need for plastic wrap and making it easier to reheat leftovers. The product also has a handle and is microwaveable for mess-free and splatter-free reheating. It can be used with any type of flatware, including grandma’s favorite china. The Plate Topper has silicone edges to create an airtight seal and can be easily removed by lifting the tab. It is dishwasher-safe and can be stacked to save space in your kitchen drawers. The Plate Topper is available in three sizes: the Plate Topper Mini, the Plate Topper Tall and the Cake Topper.

Michael Tseng, the creator of the Plate Topper, was a brilliant individual who held degrees in electrical and biochemical engineering and was close to completing his medical degree. But he was also full of the spirit of entrepreneurship, and he left his medical residency to focus on developing Plate Topper. Tseng is now the CEO of Prestagon LLC, which has patented his invention.

Tseng appeared on Shark Tank in Season 4, Episode 8, and presented his product to the panel of investors. He began by demonstrating the difficulty normal families experience when trying to put away or reheat their leftovers. He showed the audience examples of Tupperware lids going missing, mangled plastic wrap and a filthy microwave.