If you are looking for the definition of show piece in English, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn the meaning of show piece in English, as well as how it’s used in other languages. This article also provides examples and the context for the word in other languages. Here is a look at the definition of show piece in the Cobuild dictionary.

English Cobuild dictionary definition of show-piece

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Meaning of show-piece in other languages

In other languages, the term “show-piece” has several meanings and is pronounced differently from its English counterpart. In Maltese, the word showpiece means “to show off.” However, Indi Shoker it is not the same as the English word. Therefore, if you’re trying to learn the meaning of “showpiece” in Maltese, the following information will help you. Just remember to check the pronunciation of show-piece before trying to learn its translation into another language.

Architectural showpieces

Architectural showpieces are buildings that are impressive and distinctive in design. Generally, these buildings have a strong historical background. However, the rapid modernization of cities has led to a variety of architectural styles. The development of composite building materials has also opened up new avenues for architectural design. They provide more flexibility and structural strength for different applications, and they can be used to create architectural showpieces that are incredibly unique.