Paul Grossman

A key found in the back of a stairwell in Milan helped change Grossman’s career path. He was tired of traveling abroad for work and looking to buy a small business. In 2009, he found the key while killing time before a meeting. He walked into the back stairwell of the eight-floor hotel and saw the key.

Today, Grossman’s storefront is modest but full of interesting artifacts. Some of his collections include an old Boston jail key and a monster key from a medieval castle. He also has two World War II Victory keys, made of brass teeth and metal knobs and used to store precious war commodities. His collection also includes two Bramah lock keys, the pinnacle of security. This lock was once so hard to open that a man was offered a cash prize to the first person to unlock it. The challenge stood for 67 years.

Keys he likes

Paul Grossman loves the intricate designs of keys, and he even modeled his business logo on a skeleton key. He also keeps a large set of old skeleton keys that he lends out to customers. Not a single key in his collection has ever failed to open a door. He hasn’t even broken one of them yet. Grossman has become a well-known figure in the local locksmith community, and he likes to keep his collection of keys well-maintained.

Associated Lock & Key

Associated Lock & Key Plymouth is a company that offers emergency lockout assistance. The company is mobile and provides assistance day and night. Its locksmiths are skilled and experienced in solving various kinds of lockout situations. Whether you’re locked out of your car, home, or office, you can count on Associated Lock & Key to respond quickly and efficiently.

Associated Lock & Key is located in downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts. TheĀ company was founded in the late 1970s by Peter Tassinari, who later sold the business to John Pavidis. After graduating from locksmithing school, he bought the business and expanded the business’s large collection of antique locks and blank keys.

Sir Fix-a-Lock

Sir Fix-a-Lock Plymouth locksmith is a multi award winning local master locksmith, safe engineer, UPVC repair specialist and local MLA approved business. They are the highest reviewed Plymouth locksmith on the Trading Standards Buy with Confidence scheme and the only MLA approved company in the city. They are also a Gold Award member of the Armed Forces Covenant ERS scheme.

The company is accredited by the Master Locksmiths Association and provides a comprehensive range of locksmith services in Plymouth. Services include lost house keys, lost safe keys, and replacement locks. They also offer safe engineering and supply Master Key systems.


A Pop-A-Lock Plymouth locksmith is a great choice for people who need a new key for their car. These locksmiths can create transponder keys for car owners for a fraction of the cost. If you’ve locked your keys in your car, don’t worry. A Pop-A-Lock locksmith will help you get back inside your car in no time!

Pop-A-Lock offers residential and commercial lock replacements and repairs. Replacing an old lock can be a great way to increase security.