Post Construction cleaning service

There are many things you need to consider when selecting a Post Construction cleaning service. Before deciding on the company that is best for you, create a list of tasks and supplies you need. For starters, you need to ensure that the cleaners you hire have HEPA filtration vacuums. If possible, they should also have multiple filters, as well. You may also need professional floor cleaning equipment for tile and grout, laminate floors, and hard flooring.

Professional cleaners

A professional post construction cleaning service is essential if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your home. While you can perform a few basic post construction clean up tasks yourself, these tasks are time-consuming and can be dangerous. A professional cleaning crew knows exactly when to begin and end their work, so they can clean every inch of your property without causing Post Construction cleaning service near Pittsburgh PA injury to yourself or your family. Professionals can also identify and eliminate hidden messes that you may not see yourself.

Detailed checklist

A detailed checklist for post construction cleaning service is essential to ensure a thorough clean. During the construction process, workers often discard waste materials in the trash and recycling bins. A detailed post construction cleaning checklist includes specific steps to clean these areas. A checklist will also help the workers walk through all the rooms to determine what needs to be cleaned. These steps include cleaning the common areas of the construction site, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.


Whether you’re starting a business for your own benefit or providing a service for others, post construction cleaning is competitive, dirty, and can be expensive. It’s important to consider all expenses when calculating your post construction cleaning service’s price. Cleaning a home after a construction project will involve different supplies and equipment that will likely increase the price. If you’re paying for the work up front, you’ll want to factor in the costs of depreciation of cleaning equipment.

Three stages

After a renovation, the final stage of a post construction cleaning service will include a detailed inspection and a final to-do list. During this phase, the cleaning crew will identify and remove final elements of dirt. These activities are generally not included during new construction cleanup. Post-construction cleaning companies will also be able to perform touch-up cleaning. This type of cleaning service is often used by homeowners who do not wish to hire a professional.


Getting into post construction cleaning business may seem like a challenge. The business is characterized by dirt, grime, and high overheads. You will need to buy different cleaning supplies and tools and will be required to clean a variety of surfaces. Additionally, you will have to pay for the supplies and tools up front. Hence, you should know what your competitors are offering and what you can offer your clients. The following are some tips to help you start your post construction cleaning business.