There are several requirements to renew a real estate license in a specific state. These include a sponsoring broker, continuing education, and fee details. In addition, some states offer a grace period, allowing time to get the renewal process completed before expiration. This article will explain what you need to do to renew your license.

Requirements for renewing a real estate license

The New York State Division of Licensing Services does not extend grace periods for late renewals. In addition, the new renewal requirements for continuing education will take effect in July 2021. In order to be eligible for this change, you must complete the courses before the renewal deadline. You can find more information about the renewal process and the changes here.

In order to renew a real estate license, you must complete continuing education courses (CE). The required CE courses vary from state to state. The real estate commissions publish lists of their CE requirements.

Courses required

The requirements for continuing education in real estate have recently changed. In order to maintain your license in good standing, you must complete a minimum of 18 clock hours of approved continuing education courses. These courses must include at least two hours of real estate law, rules, and court cases. You must also provide proof that you’ve taken these courses in order to renew your license.

In addition to the mandatory continuing education requirements, licensees must also submit an affidavit of completion. These courses must be approved by the Real Estate Examining Board. TheĀ Real Estate License Renewal requirements differ slightly for those who are Responsible Brokers. In Arkansas, for example, licensees must complete seven hours of CE every 12 months. However, first-time renewals do not require CE.


The New York State Division of Licensing Services does not extend grace periods for late renewals. Renewing your license in New York is now as simple as logging into PALS and submitting your renewal application. It is important to know that renewing your license requires 14 hours of Commission-approved continuing education. This requirement applies to new salesperson licensees as well. You can find the required CE topics for the current renewal period here.

The renewal process must be completed 90 days before your current license expires. You must eLicense or mail your renewal application by July 1. If you miss this deadline, your renewal application will be returned. You must then re-apply and take the necessary education and exams to be eligible for a renewal.

Grace period

In New York, if your real estate license expires before the grace period ends, you will be unable to practice real estate until it has been reinstated. Since the grace period is only for two years, you should act quickly. Here are the steps to renew your license. The first step is to apply for a license renewal.

You will need to submit your application for renewal online. You will receive your renewal notice about 60 days before your expiration date. After submitting your renewal form, make sure to notify the Board of your new mailing address. Be sure to meet the continuing competency requirements for a license renewal.