The Mylands paint brand is synonymous with bold, richly pigmented colour. Its finishes are never lacking in character or personality. Its flagship Marble Matt emulsion, made from crushed marble, is tough and durable, yet still manages to look gorgeous. The brand is so popular that its colours have featured in TV shows and movies.

Colours of London paint

The Colours of London paint range from Mylands offers 120 colours inspired by the capital city. Each colour is named after a London landmark or district. The company was founded in 1884 and uses natural earth pigments to create superior colour and depth. It’s also eco-friendly. It uses no animal by-products, so you can be sure your paint will be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Mylands, based in England, is the UK’s oldest family-owned paint and wood polish company. Its expert colourists take great pride in creating classic and timeless shades. Their paints are thick, lustrous and easy to apply. The company received a royal warrant in 1985 and their paints are often chosen by scenic artists and interior designers. In 2012, the company launched ‘Colours of London’, which features 120 timeless colours.

Archive collection

Mylands paint archive collection offers twelve shades that have been reformulated to provide the ultimate in longevity and quality. The collection has been developed with an eye for detail and is aimed at those who want to celebrate colour in their home. Whether it’s a period property or a contemporary property, the colours of this collection are sure to inspire and delight.

The range has been developed to showcase the rich history of the company. Founded in 1884, the company is still family-run four generations later and is a royal warrant holder. The Mylands Archive collection features twelve colours that draw inspiration from the company’s rich history. Each color has been meticulously hand-painted to provide the ultimate in durability. The range is versatile enough to be used on different fabrics and resprayed whenever necessary.

Marble Matt Emulsion

The Mylands Marble Matt Emulsion is a High Quality Matt Paint that mylands paint is formulated with ground marble powder. The product delivers a flat, velvety surface and a matt sheen. Available in a range of beautiful shades, this paint is wipeable and easy to apply.

The Marble Matt Emulsion is a washable, hardwearing finish that can be used on interior walls. It can be purchased in 2.5 litre and five litre containers. It can be applied with a paintbrush.

Empire Violet(tm) No. 80

Mylands paint is a family-owned British company that has been making fine paints for over one hundred and thirty years. Its paints are highly pigmented and water-based. Its paints are also low in VOCs, making them ideal for people concerned about the environment. It is also one of the few manufacturers left that still uses natural earth pigments to create its paints.

This jewel-like deep purple, composed of red, umber, black, and violet, is a statement hue from the British Colour Council. It can add a sense of intimacy to any room.