If you’re looking for unique prints of your favorite legend, you’ve come to the right place. Legends art prints are printed on 100% cotton watercolour textured paper and would look at home in a gallery, but they’re just as beautiful for your personal walls. If you’re an art collector, you’ll want to pick up a few of these beautiful prints to display on your walls. They are sure to be conversation pieces for years to come.

Arthurian legends

Artists have long admired the myths and stories of King Arthur. Among the most popular figures are Lancelot, the Knight of the Round Table, and Gawain. Many Arthurian works have been derived from these stories, and they have inspired countless artists throughout the centuries. Despite their enduring popularity, there are still many ways to celebrate this ancient hero in art. Here are some examples of Arthurian legends art.


Norns are female beings of Norse mythology, who determine www.artlegends.org the fate of the cosmos. They reside in a hall at the well of Urd in Asgard. Norns are not Goddesses, but rather personifications of the past, present, and future. Art depicting norns in Scandinavian legends is often very colorful, detailed, and imaginative. For example, William Bell Scott’s 1876 painting of The Norns Watering the Tree of Life shows these creatures dressed as peasants.

Urban legends

Whether you’re into horror movies or just want to see some awesome new artwork, you’ll love the latest exhibition devoted to urban legends, Hearsay: Artists Reveal the Myths of Modern Folklore. The exhibition celebrates mutant superstars of modern folklore, from Goat Man to Sewer Gator, from Red Mask to the horrific Backstories. Here are some of the best examples of urban legend art to inspire you.

Street art

Shepard Fairey is one of the most famous street artists. He began creating art as a teenager, creating t-shirts and skateboard stickers, and drew his influences from Andy Warhol and Diego Rivera. Fairey’s work became so famous that his works were commissioned by major corporations such as Pepsi, Hasbro, and Netscape. In addition to being featured in magazines and museums, his work has appeared in advertising campaigns and on public transit systems around the world.

Card art

If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Legends, then you’ve probably already seen the art cards and can’t wait to own a copy. Each card in the Legends series is five by seven inches, and comes with an envelope, blank inside, and signed by the artist. These cards are also great for your creative projects, design projects, and website content. You can even print them to add to your personal collection!