The IPQualityScore (IPQS) Email Verification Service is one of the most reliable email validation services available. It helps users identify high-risk and spam email addresses. This prevents fraudulent transactions and improves the deliverability of emails.

IPQS’s unique approach to email validation ensures that your messages are delivered to your recipients’ inbox. IPQS’s service combines validation and reputation scoring. IPQS provides real-time insights that help identify high-risk, invalid, and abusive user behavior. They also have extensive relationships with mail service providers, allowing them to ensure fraud-free transactions.

IPQS offers a variety of packages, with prices starting at $20 per month. These packages include a free version, which allows you to check up to 5,000 email addresses a month. However, the email address field is restricted in the higher tiers.

IPQS’s product also identifies fake leads and disposable/temporary accounts, which reduces the number of high-risk and invalid emails on your list. This prevents spam traps from getting incorporated into your email marketing campaigns.

IPQS’s Email Validation API is an application program interface (API) that IPQualityScore email validator allows you to monitor the activity and reputation of a specific email address. You can then use that information to make decisions regarding your email marketing strategy. By removing bad and duplicate emails, you increase the value of your list and increase your ROI.

IPQS’s free email validator is designed to perform advanced reputation checks to identify false and invalid user data. In addition, IPQS’s reverse email lookup tool can detect if an email has been leaked in a recent data breach.

IPQS’s Email Verification service is optimized to provide you with the most accurate results from any of the major mail service providers. Through hundreds of syntax checks, the IPQS Email Verification API determines if an email address has the ability to receive messages from your account. If the results indicate that an email address is not valid, IPQS will automatically remove that email from your mailing list.

IPQS’s product can also detect disposable/temporary accounts, and honeypot emails, which are a common source of spam traps. Inboxing rates are affected by these emails. Honeypot emails are stealthy and can result in blacklisting from your mail provider.

IPQS’s service also provides a human point of contact. When you sign up with IPQS, you’ll get personalized assistance for setting up your account. Additionally, you’ll receive a custom pricing plan. All packages are customizable, and can be based on the needs of your company.

IPQS also offers a variety of free and paid packages, including the Enhanced Plan, which gives you unlimited verification. To learn more about the IPQS service and all its features, visit their website.

IPQS also offers a free reverse email lookup tool. Unlike a regular email check, which requires the user to enter a credit card, this API lets you check for stolen and fraudulent user data. A free monthly subscription includes 1,000 free API requests.

If you want more advanced detection capabilities, you can use the disposable email detection API. IPQS updates the disposable email blacklist in real-time, so you know that your users are signing up with valid email addresses.