The ipqualityscore email checker is a cloud-based software that helps businesses verify the authenticity of emails. It also enables users to authenticate addresses across different mail service providers. It also offers an administrative dashboard, which enables managers to monitor subscriber lists and upload multiple files in CSV format.

The IPQS free email verifier API is a real-time email reputation scoring service that performs hundreds of syntax and DNS checks to determine if an email address is valid and able to receive messages from your account. It can also detect disposable and temporary accounts, honeypots, and spam traps.

It allows you to remove bad emails from your list, which helps improve your deliverability rates and increase your ROI. It also includes a reputation score for every address that you verify, which can help you make more informed decisions about your marketing campaigns.

IPQS API uses a machine learning technique to identify abusive behavior. This allows you to quickly remove users who have engaged in high-risk behavior, such as confirmed chargebacks, fake signups, compromised devices, and fake app installs.

Unlike other services, IPQS also scores an email by analyzing its reputation on a global scale. This helps you prevent spam traps, complaints, and other low-quality users from impacting your site.

The API also lets you set the level at which it will detect spam traps and honeypots. This can be set to a value of 0 for a more lenient approach, or a higher value to ensure you’re fully covering your list.

Once you’ve integrated the API into your application, you can query the status of an email in real time and filter out low quality and abusive users before they can affect your website. This can help you increase your sales and reduce your losses.

It is a reliable and affordable tool that can help you increase your return on investment in your email marketing efforts. It has an easy-to-use interface and can be used to verify large numbers of email addresses. Its pricing starts at $20 per month, with free trials available.

The IPQS team provides support and assistance whenever you need it. They can assist you in setting up your account, uploading your first list, and more.

IPQS is a leading email verification and reputation scoring service that helps marketers, fraud fighters, and developers validate email addresses. It offers a comprehensive email validation API that checks 74 data points for each address and can be easily integrated into enterprise systems.