A furniture mover is a person who moves large, heavy items. It is a dangerous job and may result in back injuries. A professional mover will handle the job with care and safety. If you are unsure of how to move heavy items, consider hiring a furniture mover. Whether you are moving a single piece of furniture or a whole home, a furniture mover will be able to move it quickly and safely.

Job description

Furniture movers are responsible for transporting large, heavy furniture. In addition to lifting and carrying heavy pieces, they also assemble and disassemble items and prepare necessary paperwork. This job requires a high level of customer service and attention to detail. A furniture mover must also be able to maintain a professional, cordial relationship with customers.

Furniture movers must be thorough and pay close attention to detail, as they may encounter heavy items, breakable items, or accidents during the moving process. Furniture movers should also have great customer service skills, as they may interact with customers and try to resolve problems as they go.

Equipment needed

Moving furniture requires specialized tools. Professional movers typically include most of the equipment needed for the move in their charges. A moving flat dolly is particularly useful for moving large pieces of furniture like couches. ThisĀ furniture movers london ontario tool is made of hard rubber or plastic and helps to prevent damage to the floor while moving heavy items.

Hand trucks and dollies are two common types of moving equipment that help reduce the handling time and fatigue of movers. Dollys are long, flat bases with two or four swivel wheels and are designed to accommodate large, heavy items. Hand trucks and dollies are the two most important tools for moving heavy items and can support up to 600 pounds. These tools can be hired from moving companies or purchased for $20 at a home improvement store.


The average cost of hiring furniture movers to move your home varies, but can range from $600 to $2,150. You’ll need to consider the size and number of pieces as well as how far you’re moving. The more pieces you have, the higher the cost will be. If you’re only moving a single piece of furniture, you may be able to save money by not having to pack everything yourself.

If you’re moving across the country, the distance covered by your move will affect the cost. In addition to distance, the weight of your furniture will also affect how much it costs to transport it. Larger pieces of furniture take up more space on moving trucks, and often require disassembly to ensure safe transport. You may also be charged extra if you’re moving antique furniture, since these pieces may need extra protection.

Customer service

If you’re in the market for a furniture mover, you’ll want to hire a company with experience handling your particular type of move. Many companies have specific services, such as office relocation or moving from a studio apartment to a larger apartment. It’s also important to know about the extra charges involved. For instance, some movers charge extra for fuel or mileage. Check to see if any of these fees apply to your move before you commit.