If you’re looking for a floor coating to last a long time in a commercial property or industrial setting, then Epoxy Resin Flooring may be just what you need. It’s a durable and hard-wearing floor surface that can withstand the weight of heavy machinery, cars and even forklifts. It also possesses a great level of abrasion resistance, meaning that it can withstand impacts and dents without damage to the floor underneath.

Epoxy flooring is very hygienic and resistant to chemicals. It is also easy to clean, requiring only soap or detergent and water. It’s also waterproof, making it ideal for areas where you might need to wash down machines or vehicles that come in and out of the building. This is particularly useful in factories and garages where oil, petrol and other chemicals are used frequently.

Another big benefit of epoxy flooring is that it protects the underlying concrete. This is important because if the concrete becomes damaged it will need replacing, and that can be a costly and disruptive process. The epoxy flooring creates a barrier that protects the concrete from moisture, ensuring it remains strong and intact for longer.

A lot of people think that epoxy is a very expensive option for their business. However, if you consider that other flooring options can cost twice as much and do not have the same longevity, it’s actually a very affordable choice in the long run. Additionally, if you’re installing it on top of existing tiles or wood floors, then the installation costs will be lower than if you were to install the floor from scratch.

Epoxy flooring can be installed to any size or shape, and it can be designed in a wide range of colours. This makes it a very versatile option for your business, and you can choose a colour to match your branding or other features of your premises. You can even add patterns or graphics to the floor, giving your premises a more unique and interesting appearance.

Unlike other types of flooring, epoxy is also very cost-effective to maintain. It doesn’t harbor bacteria like tile or wood floors, and it can be wiped down with a cloth or mop. This helps to keep it hygienic and safe for workers and visitors. The hard-wearing surface of an epoxy floor also means that it can be walked on without fear of the floor becoming damaged or wearing away, meaning that it can last much longer than other types of floors.

The only downside to an epoxy floor is that it can take a while to fully cure, which may be a problem for some businesses. Additionally, it can be slippery when wet, and a skid-resistant layer may need to be added to improve safety in the area. However, these issues can be addressed by a professional flooring contractor when the floor is installed. They can provide the right type of floor to suit your business, and will ensure that it meets all necessary health and safety requirements.